Sudbury School of dance opened in 1985 with just Denise Vitali teaching all the classes. Now, more than thirty years later, we have a second generation of dancers being taught by a dynamic team of experienced teachers. Many student dancers from the studio have gone on to professional careers in the Arts while others continue to attend adult classes for the pure joy of dancing.

​Sudbury School of Dance provides a positive learning environment where each individual student can reach their full potential creatively and technically. Young children receive a sound foundation in classical ballet and are later introduced to the other disciplines of dance that are offered at Sudbury School of Dance

As students grow and progress they are given opportunities  to  perform in recitals or as part of the earthdancers  group, and develop their performance skills, whether or not they decide to pursue a career in dance. Every student is encouraged to develop their sense of individualism but also their ability to work confidently and co-operatively as part of a group.