Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best dance classes for children to take?

At Sudbury School of Dance we focus on Classical Ballet because it strengthens muscles, develops co-ordination and an awareness of posture, and encourages self discipline and confidence. All of these skills are transferable to the other dance styles offered in the school as well as to life experiences beyond the studio.

How old should children be when they start taking classes?

Children can join Sudbury School of Dance at any age from 3 years and up and will be placed in classes based on their age and ability. Three and four year old girls and boys enter the pre-dance classes where they are encouraged to explore story telling through movement and mime. As students mature and grow as dancers they progress through the various levels in each style of dance. 


Pre-dance classes at Sudbury School of Dance are designed to develop basic motor skills, musicality and expressive ability in an atmosphere of creativity, leading to the introduction of ballet technique. Ages 3 to 5 years.


Junior Ballet Classes - Sudbury School of Dance follows the first five levels of the Russian Style Ballet (Vaganova) syllabus in junior classes. A yearly exam is available to the students at the discretion of the teacher.

Intermediate Ballet Classes - The next four levels of Russian Style Ballet are covered in intermediate classes at the dance studio. Students at this level are encouraged to attend ballet classes twice a week if they wish to take exams.

Senior Ballet Classes - Work from the pre-elementary, elementary, intermediate and advanced syllabus are introduced in senior classes. At this level students must take a minimum of two ballet classes if they wish to take an exam.

Pointe - Classes are available to intermediate and senior level ballet students at the discretion of the teacher.


At Sudbury School of Dance, jazz classes are offered to students aged 6 and over. Contemporary jazz technique is taught throughout the program.

Modern Dance

Modern dance classes are taught based on the Martha Graham technique. Modern dance is an art form which allows the dancer to express their feelings and ideas about themselves and the world around them. Ages 8 to 18 years.

‚ÄčAdult Classes

Adult dance classes are offered in Modern and Ballet.