Registration Fee

There is a one time registration fee of $25 per student.

Tuition - please contact Sudbury School of Dance for tuition costs

Tuition is payable either in:

  1. a single, full year payment (a 5% discount applies), or
  2. three term payments (with postdated cheques), or
  3. offered to Pre-dance 1 students only, ten equal payments (postdated cheques).

Tuition payment due dates are as follows:

  • Full year - due in September

  • Term 1 - due upon registration
  • Term 2 - due on or before January 1st
  • Term 3 - due on or before April 1st

  • Pre-dance 1 monthly option -  postdated cheques dated for the first of each month, September through June

Note:  A $30 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.

Withdrawing from Classes

Any student who withdraws from classes before the third class in a term will receive a refund for the remainder of the term. After the third class no refunds will be made for that term; however, postdated cheques for subsequent terms will be returned.