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Sudbury School of Dance ballet exams

Ballet exams are offered annually through the Society of Russian Ballet.


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As a member of The Society of Russian Ballet, Sudbury School of Dance holds ballet examinations on an annual basis. The Society is a dance education and training organization that promotes healthy technical and artistic training utilizing the Vaganova Method. The Society offers examinations for students, and assists teachers with professional development and certification.

Examinations give encouragement and a sense of achievement to all involved. For teachers, examinations present proof of expertise and an opportunity for feedback. For parents, they provide reassurance and an indication of their child’s progress. Meanwhile, students taking exams are challenged to practice their syllabus work and often find themselves reaching a level of profiency that they might not strive for otherwise. In memorizing class material and presenting it to the examiner, they learn valuable skills that can be translated to other areas of life. And in working hard to present their best work, they learn to set goals and compete only with themselves - for the satisfaction of a job well done.


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Examiners from the Society travel across Canada to individual schools examining students in the syllabus at every level. Following every examination session, participating candidates are awarded certificates and issued a mark for their exam.  They also receive a comment sheet providing them with detailed individualized feedback.

Extra classes may be scheduled in order to prepare for exams. There is no extra charge for these classes. There is, however, an examination fee which covers the examiner's costs. 

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