Sudbury School of Dance
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Sudbury School of Dance frequently asked questions

Sudbury School of Dance welcomes children and adults from beginner to pre-professional. 

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I can’t say what first led us to Sudbury School of Dance with our young daughter, but I will always be grateful that we stumbled upon this friendly and comfortable place. Denise truly inspires a passion for dance; she and all the instructors bring out the best in each and every dancer, allowing each child to grow in their skill and shine on stage. We have benefitted from many years of experience and have seen first hand a blossoming of confidence in our daughter on and off stage. She will always have a keen appreciation for the arts, as well as fond memories and wonderful friendships at the Sudbury School of Dance.     ~ Chrystal


frequently asked questions...


What are the best dance classes for children to take?

At Sudbury School of Dance we focus on Classical Ballet because it strengthens muscles, develops co-ordination and an awareness of posture, and encourages self-discipline and confidence. All of these skills are transferable to the other dance styles offered in the school as well as to life experiences beyond the studio.

How old should children be when they start taking classes?

Children can join Sudbury School of Dance at any age from 3 years and up and will be placed in classes based on their age and ability. Three and four year old girls and boys enter the pre-dance class where they are encouraged to explore story telling through movement and mime. As students mature and grow as dancers they progress through the various levels in each style of dance. 

My older child has no previous dance experience. Can they still join the studio?

Students who wish to begin dancing when they are older should contact the studio to find out where they would best fit in the class(es) they are interested in.  Wherever possible students are placed with their own age group, but exceptions do apply - in the best interest of both the new dancer and current students.

When does your dance year begin, and how long do classes run?

Our classes begin in September and typically run to mid-June. The year is divided into three terms:  term one runs from September to December, term two runs from January to the end of March, and term three runs from the beginning of April to our recital in June.

Can my child start dancing part way through the dance year?

Our dance year runs in three terms and dancers can register during either the first or second terms.  The first term begins in September and the second term begins in January. For more specifics or to ask about your situation, please contact the studio.